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Legendary Vocal Coach Dorthe Eggertsen 

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Learn the first steps to take your vocals from zero to hero in my Free vocal course. You will receive 5 free videos, one from each of the 5 modules below. My full course contains 3 videos in each module. 

1: How To Breathe In, Using Your Diaphragm

Learn the correct way to breathe in, using your diaphragm. Breathing in 'the right way' means you have more support and control when you deliver our voice.

2: How To Breathe Out, Using Your Support

Learn the correct way to breathe out, using our support. Knowing what your support is and how to use it will take your vocal delivery to new heights.

3: How To Use These Techniques In Practice

Learn how to use correct breathing techniques to deliver your voice for both speaking and singing. Learn how to keep your vocals ready to deliver at 100%. No more tired, stretched and overworked vocals. 

4: How To Use Volume / Projecting Your Voice

Learn how to control the volume of your voice. In some situations when you speak or sing you might require to be louder or quieter. Here we look at how to control the volume of your voice.

5: How To Use Effects / Changing Vocal Quality

Learn how to use effects on your voice and change the vocal quality. Many singers and professional speakers use effects on their voice because it suits a particular need. Here we can explore a few effects you can try.

How To Project Your True Voice With Confidence

These lessons will teach you some of the fundamental techniques to help you to get to know your voice better. I will teach you how to use the proper breathing techniques to project your voice more freely and with more volume and control. Whether you are a singer or a speaker, these fundamental lessons will give you the tools to explore and find the real  magic in your voice. 

You Will Learn The Top Tips & Tricks That I Use To Prepare My Voice

In these lessons, I will teach you my own personal warm-up programme that I use to keep my voice healthy and ready to deliver when speaking, teaching, recording and performing. These easy to follow lessons can be used to prepare your voice for all situations giving you the confidence to go out there and deliver.

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I Will Give Your Voice The Confidence It Deserves! 

Dorthe Eggertsen

Often people say something like, "I can't sing, my aunt told me I can't." I have to ask, what does this mean? Does this mean you sing 'wrong' or does it mean you don't sound like Adele?. And, how does your aunt know? You might be dissatisfied with how your voice sounds or are insecure about hitting the notes but I have often experienced how quickly we can get rid of such ideas. 

Get Your Free Videos Today! 

Click the button now to get instant access to a set of 5 high quality videos which will teach you all about how to use your voice in the most effective way.

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